You have definitely seen a lot of videos with beautiful, insane, or cool backgrounds over social media and these videos just look amazing. Even in the moavi there comes a wide range of backgrounds that are just on another level and sometimes there is such unbelievable stuff that we thought might be unreal. There is a secret behind all these really amazing, cool, and unreal video stuff. Actually, it happens with the change in video background through a feature known as Green Screen. Green Screen or chrome key is the easiest way to change the backgrounds of your videos effectively. The green Screen effect allows you to change the selected part into your desired background and to give it a really cool look.

Now different software provides you with different choices to change video background effectively but which one is best, is still a little bit confusing. So here we enlist some of the best options to change video background without affecting its resolution and quality. Here they are:

  1. By Wondershare Filmora video editor
  2. By AI portrait of Filmora
  3. Change video background by Kinemaster video editor
  4. Change video background by Unscreen online tool video editor

1. Change video background by Wondershare Filmora video editor:

Wondershare Filmora is indeed has a wide range of video editing and video graphing features that made it the best choice for professionals. It can remove the video background easily and help the creators to become more creative and versatile.

The green screen effect is the main feature that helps the Videographers to change the video background and turn them into amazingly beautiful and cool shots that help the audience to be more attracted towards their work.

Now we will see how the WonderShare Filmora actually works to edit the video background:

  • Firstly you have to download and install the Wondershare Filmora on your computer.
  • Now import both the original and green screen video by using Import Media Files from the import menu.
  • Insert both clips to the video track on the timeline.
  • Now right-click the green screen video to get the chroma key options.
  • By enabling the Chroma key option, the background will be automatically changed and now you can work on its color adjustment and transparency.
  • Now play the video in the preview window to have a look at your new video with the changed background of your own choice.

How do you make a green screen effect?

Wondershare Filmora has a lot of advanced features to give our work a professional look. These features are easily discoverable while using Wondershare Filmora and are very easy to understand even for a beginner. You can make a green screen effect with this best software.

The split-screen feature of Wondershare Filmora adds more creativity by adding different video clips to one screen that are played in the same video simultaneously. It makes it more creative. The advanced Text editing feature is also present in the Filmora during background edit. You can also remove the green screen wrinkle after effects.

The power tool feature enables the Wondershare Filmora to add tilt-shift or mosaic effects to the different parts of the video to make it more interesting and beautiful. There is a lot more than you can explore by yourself.

2. Change video background by AI portrait of Filmora:

AI portrait of Filmora is a very effective and amazing feature that was introduced in the V10.5 batch of Filmora. By using this feature you can easily change your video background in just one step.

  • Import your required vide
  • Click on effects then AI portrait and then drag human segmentation ta-da! The background is changed!

3. Change video background by Kinemaster video editor:

Kinemaster is a powerful video editor that can be functional to your Android, Chrome, Mac, or iOS. It is very easy to operate and contains a large number of features and helps the videographer to make his/her work more engaging and creative.

  • Download and install Kinemaster video editor on your computers or mobile phones
  • Select the Empty project
  • Click on the media browser and select the video for the background. Image can also be used as background. You can also crop the image and can add clip effects or color adjustment
  • Click on layers and select your required video. You can trim or split your video here.
  • Now adjust both the videos accordingly
  • At the last enable chrome key and your edited video is ready. You can add other effects to this video and there are many other features to be explored by yourself

4. Change video background by Unscreen online tool video editor:

Unscreen is a web AI-based application that can automatically remove the background and is very useful to social media users and of course meme-makers that do not need much professionalism. But it is very easy at work. Its capacity is also very low as it can only process 5-second long video clips and as it is online so it also causes an interruption in the uploading and downloading process.

  • Open Unscreen website to start over the process of video background edit through an online tool.
  • Now you can upload a video or Gif to start the editing procedure.
  • Now upload your 5-second long video as it is the requirement of the system. It will take some time in uploading.
  • Now the main character of the video will be extracted by the AI system of this website and the rest of the background will be shadowed. You can edit or remove any part of the video in moavi as it is an automatic system.
  • After processing, the video will be presented with no background.
  • Now background screens and color images can be added as a new background. You can also download this video without background.


The basic thing for a videographer is to make their work more engaging and audience loving. So they do every possible thing to make their work attractive and audience loving and background editing plays a great role in it, especially for those who do not have a suitable background. So for changing the video background you can use any best option that suits you the most and also sees the best editing apps in our website.

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