iMovie is indeed a good Mac video editor with the added benefits of its simplicity, free of cost, user-friendly, and fast. But when it comes to high-grade editing, iMovie lacks in providing a wide variety of visuals, filters, and upgraded tools. So, suppose you are a mac user and want the best mac video editor for more creativity in your video editing, especially for TikTok and Instagram reels. In that case, we provide you with a list of the best iMovie alternatives. Nothing will stop you from creativity with the use of these stunning mac video editors.

iMovie Alternatives List:

1. Filmora X from WonderShare

2. Adobe Premiere

3. Shotcut

4. Final Cut Pro

5. HitFilm Express

Filmora X from WonderShare:

When we think about the best iMovie alternative, Filmora is the first one that comes to mind. It is the best mac video editor on the market. The Filmora X from Wondershare is convenient and highly versatile for all types of video content creators. The vast availability of filters & visual effects helps add beauty, cinematics, and creativity to your videos.

The window version of Filmora is also available. Filmora WonderShare pro made professional editing easy and attractive. It is the only professional software that fulfilled the customers. It is simplified and saves time through its advanced features, making Filmora more efficient.

The best thing about Filmora is that it has a lot of tutorials for beginners to learn the work in a short time quickly.

When working on content creation for social media, Filmora WonderShare X lies on the top for its effectiveness, affordability, and ease at work. You can easily create keyboard shortcuts for your vacation with hotkey commands.

Features For Mac Video Editor:

  • Easy editing of videos, audio, and photos to make them more attractive and engaging
  • Can crop, trim, or even rotate a video easily
  • Also enables zooming and panning
  • Background replacement with the remarkable effects through the AI Portrait tool
  • Green screen for background change & to add special effects
  • Adding background music or recording a vice-over
  • Audio ducking to make your voice clear over music
  • AR Stickers for making fun videos 
  • Allow screen recording, so helpful in making YouTube tutorials or guides, etc.
  • Color grading is also available, and you can do color correction of multiple slides at once
  • Speed control to fast forward or to slow down
  • Motion Tracking can also be added
  • The split-screen feature helps you to make your video more exciting and unique
  • Almost supports all the popular formats, so there is no need to convert your video from one format to another
  • In addition to Ultimate filters and transitions, the picture-in-picture, tilt-shift, and customized credits/intros add a cheery on the top. Using this feature can give your project a futuristic and professional vibe.
  • Easy sharing of video to other devices or even direct upload to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo

Adobe Premiere:

Adobe Premiere is one of the most used video editors among professionals and social media creators. It is easy to use, fast, and simple software that requires less effort, but at the same time, it has a lot of features that make it reliable even for professional creators.

It can format videos accordingly, and color grading ability is another addition, along with Adobe sense AI tools. Auto ducking is also available. In addition to Transitions, Animations, and Visual effects, there are many features for you to be discovered by yourself.

Various themes will help you form photo or video collages through premiere elements. Premiere pro templates are available for professional work, and it is also very easy for a beginner. 


The shortcut is open-source and free editing software, and like Filmora, it also supports a wide range of audio and video formats. Its drag-n-drop method is also similar to Filmora. It is available for mac, windows, and Linux.

Its interface is well refined, efficient, and well-organized. Customized filters are highlighted features of ShotCut, but these filters have no previews. Several audio features include audio scopes, volume control, audio mixing, and even audio filters. There are no export profiles for the direct upload to YouTube or other platforms.

Video tutorials are also available on their site.

Final Cut Pro:

It is indeed one of the best Mac video editors for professionals. Its user-friendly interface has increased its performance through its advanced features that include improved proxy workflow.

It can automatically crop your video to make it more attractive for your social media through its features named as custom overlays and Transform Overscan. It has a high-performance metal engine that helps maintain real-time effects and exporting and provides a variety of frame sizes, frame rates, and products to deal with a complex project. In addition to this, it includes organizing tools, motion graphics, audio and delivery features, and much more for you to explore yourself.

It is probably expensive software and the most advanced for the professional work to be done quickly. It is highly recommended for professionals.

HitFilm Express:

It is another free mac video editor that makes your work more professional and very easy to use.

It has a wide range of effects in the library. You can also adjust colors, add lens flayers and lightning effects, and the most amazing is 3D simulation to make your video most attractive and professional. The built-in voice recorder is also available, which is very helpful for adding voice-over to your video.

It has a lot of color grading tools, and it also contains motion graphics and animation tools, and much more for you to create fun and make your work more attractive. The most crucial factor is that it can perform great even on a low-grade laptop, so the young creators with fewer resources can also make their content more professional and engaging.

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