With the various technologies available nowadays, making films and videos of different forms are possible using just your phone.

With video being so popular, many businesses are looking to utilize it. Whether it’s a business that specializes in outsourced IT support London businesses rely on, a designer fashion retailer, or even a café or restaurant, there are so many different ways to leverage video. So, if you’re interested in getting started with videos of, don’t bother investing loads of money in equipment; start with these apps:



This straightforward, plain-text app makes it easy to write out a script with all the right formatting. DubScript outputs to all the common formats – such as FDX, HTML, PDF, etc. The app is also compatible with cloud printers.

Easy Release Pro

When shooting video, there may be times when you need to compose an industry-standard release form for footage – such as if you’ve just shot an interview. Therefore, this app allows you to spin up a legally-binding release form in as many as 17 different languages, which you can even upload to Google Drive or Dropbox directly from the app.

Sun Surveyor

If you want to capture the perfect shot at golden hour, you need to get your timing right. Sun Surveyor app gives you all the info you need on sunrise and sunset each day, plus loads more information to help you plan the perfect shots throughout the day.

Shot Lister

It is important to get your schedule properly organized on a shoot day. Shot Lister is the app for this – it allows you to create shot lists to help you with your shoot days. The premium version can import scripts and storyboards to add more information to your shooting schedules.


Filmic Pro

It is one of the most popular filmmaking apps on the App Store on iPhone. It is an excellent app that unlocks all the settings on your phone’s built-in camera and allows you to control those settings to capture perfect footage. One company we spoke to, an IT support provider London businesses have been using for years, stated that Filmic Pro is a very useful way to shoot videos of in a lightweight manner. You can shoot standard 24 frames per second, up to 240 frames per second for super slo-mo footage. There have been award-winning films shot using iPhones powered by this app.

Clean Slate

When you are shooting a videos of, you need to be able to sync it with your sound and also have a way of categorizing each shot – this is why filmmakers use a clapperboard. But, with the Clean Slate app, you can do it on your phone. It allows you to add all the information you need to a slate – such as what scene you’re shooting, the shot number, and what type of light is used. At just $1.99, it is a superb value app.

TimeLapse Calculator

This app helps you to capture time lapses. For example, you can tell the app how long you want each shot to be, and it will tell you how long you need to record. It even lets you store your time-lapse shots in the app.



It is one of the best videos of editing apps that you can get. It is a completely free app for Android phones, and the great thing is that it has no time limit on how long your clips can be; as well as this, it won’t put a watermark on your clips when you have exported them. You can also share finished clips directly from the app onto YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Adobe Premiere Rush

It is a great, cheap video editing app from one of the leading developers of creative apps. You might be familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro – which has been used to make many feature films; Premiere Rush is a lightweight version designed for online videos of.

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