The Origins of Teacher Appreciation Day and the Purposes of the Holiday Ideas to Celebrate

The Origins of Teacher Appreciation Day and the Purposes of the Holiday Ideas to Celebrate

Teachers invest a lot of time enhancing their pupils’ minds and lifestyles. We gather to honour teachers and the excellent work they perform each year because of this. The festivities begin on the first Monday in May. But how did Teacher Appreciation Week come to be? When did it start, and why?

How Teacher Appreciation Week Began

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt convinced Congress that there ought to be a dedicated day set aside to honour teachers in 1953, which is when Teacher Appreciation Week’s official history began. It’s thought that several jurisdictions did practise some annual teacher celebrations before she got involved. However, that section of the past needs to be clarified and supported. It is thought that a teacher from Wisconsin or Arkansas requested assistance from the First Lady in establishing a day of recognition in a letter to her.

According to the notion from Arkansas, Mattye Whytte Wooldridge spoke with educators to establish a day to recognise teachers. Later on, she started addressing letters to Eleanor Roosevelt. Roosevelt took the issue to Congress after deciding it merited her attention.

It would take an additional 27 years to be recognised as a national holiday, despite Eleanor Roosevelt presenting the case to Congress and winning their approval. To get the day recognised nationally, the National Education Association (NEA) joined forces with Indiana and Kansas state boards of education in 1980.

National Teacher Appreciation Day’s inaugural year

Until 1984, when it was relocated to May, National Teacher Day was observed on March 7. The National Parent Teacher Association, which spearheaded the initiative, broadened the scope of the celebration by designating the whole first week of May as Teacher Appreciation Week. The following year, the NEA followed suit and celebrated National Teacher Appreciation Day that Tuesday. However, there are still a few quirks here and there. To provide teachers with a day of relaxation on their special day, Massachusetts observes Teacher’s Day on the first Sunday in June.

Brief History

In 1944, political and educational leaders first discussed the idea of a teacher appreciation day. Eleanor Roosevelt convinced the 81st Congress to declare May 1 National Teachers’ Day in 1953. Congress proclaimed The day a national holiday on March 7, 1980. Until 1985, National Teacher Day was observed by the National Education Association on the first Tuesday in March. When the NEA Representative Assembly voted to designate Tuesday as National Teacher Day, The first week in May was selected as Teacher Appreciation Week by the National PTA.

Show Gratitude To A Teacher on Teacher Appreciation Day

  1. Stock up on teaching supplies. Many teachers provide the materials they need in their classrooms to prepare efficiently. However, a lot of teachers pay for their classroom supplies. Giving a teacher new crayons, pencils, or construction paper is a gesture of gratitude.
  2. Send a letter of support to your child’s preferred teacher. By reminding a teacher of the difference they are making in kids’ lives, kind words are a simple but effective method to boost their morale.
  3. Volunteering instructors with a much-needed break at your school is a great idea. Schools depend on parental assistance every day for the success of various programmes. For instance, a teacher is freed from those responsibilities if they volunteer to be a playground monitor or a crosswalk before and after school.
  4. To post on social media, use the hashtags #NationalTeachersDay or #TeacherAppreciationDay.

Do you know about the part on National Days in the Classroom? We do! You may #CelebrateEveryDay with the aid of a variety of classroom-related resources. You can even download and print a postcard to send your teachers as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

Why do we Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day?

The significant justifications for taking part in Teacher Appreciation Week are as follows:

To Thank Your Teachers

Our teachers work incredibly hard to instruct us or our kids daily. But we only sometimes get the chance to properly thank teachers and give them a sense of appreciation for everything they do. As a result, you must observe Teacher Appreciation Week to engage in numerous activities that will enable you to show your appreciation for all teachers worldwide.

To Comprehend Teachers

Teachers’ duties extend beyond merely imparting knowledge in numerous academic areas to our kids. They also take on the role of our children’s second parent. So that we may appreciate teachers even more, we must comprehend what their functions and duties are. You should observe Teacher Appreciation Week to gain this kind of knowledge.

To Understand Teaching as a Profession

At first glance, teachers’ only responsibility might be to instruct students. But it is not the case. The teaching profession is much more intricate than that. Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week to find out and learn more about it.

Ideas and Activities for a Celebration of Teacher Appreciation Day

The ideal activities to complete to make your Teacher Appreciation Week celebration the best it can be are as follows:

Giving Gifts

Giving teachers gifts is the best way to mark this day. Every teacher should receive a unique present. Flowers, chocolates, jewellery, and gift cards are all excellent examples of virtual teacher appreciation gifts, but parents and students may personalise these presents to make them even more heartfelt. The simplest personalised gift for a teacher might be a gift card to their preferred eatery. You might also make something by hand that brings back memories of your time in their classroom, such as jewellery. Even though purchased presents are excellent, every teacher will tell you that they prefer receiving handmade gifts on Teacher Appreciation Day.

Sincere Letters

Giving your teachers personal notes you authored or crafted from the bottom of your heart is another great way to commemorate this day. Thank your professors for all the knowledge they have imparted to you, both academically and in terms of life lessons, and let them know it.

Note from the parents.

If your kids have excellent teachers, you shouldn’t let this occasion pass without expressing your appreciation to them as well. You might write a note to your student’s teachers, thanking them from the bottom of your heart.

Share your joy on social media.

This day can also be honoured through social media. Use the hashtag #TeacherAppreciationWeek to share with your followers and friends that you also remember this historic day.


This article covered the definition of and methods for celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day. Teachers devote a lot of work to improving their students’ mental and physical health. We come together to celebrate teachers and the outstanding work they do every year. The celebrations start on May’s first Monday. What about the origin of Teacher Appreciation Week? When and why did it start? These questions’ responses are provided in this content.

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